We work exclusively with local communities, networks and organizations engaged in environmental conservation. For tours, we favor public transport (where applicable) and optimize routes to reduce the carbon footprint.  

Each of our local partners has their own environmental agenda, ranging from tree planting to donation to conservation projects. You can ask for more details when booking. Local communities promote environmental sustainability (organic farming, land and wealth conservation, etc.) and live in harmony with nature. Most tours include guided tours of their environmental projects. The activities in rural areas respect the environment and are designed for a low volume of participants. In cities, we give priority to riads and guest houses, eco-friendly boutique hotels and family owned guesthouses.

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Far from these marketing concerns, and aware of the problem, Original Travels decided to act on its own scale. Apart from any label or any other recognition, we simply want to implement concrete actions through our tourism activity. Aware that this same activity is based on the natural beauties of Morocco and on the incredible culture of its population, it seems essential to us to act to preserve them. We have therefore implemented several projects and partnerships aimed at making our activity more responsible and more committed.

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Giving back

 Travel is one of the best ways to spread wealth from more developed countries to less developed countries and our tours support many local communities. We are genuinely invested in the people and culture of the places we visit, and we support communities in a number of ways including eating at local restaurants, hiring local guides, visiting, and supporting non-profit organizations, buying local products, and forging friendships that provide support and learning for all.

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Exchange and sharing

Beyond the must-see sites, each trip nourishes real encounters. We don't just visit Morocco, we live it! Discussions are at the heart of the experience so that everyone can participate in local life.

We leave our markers to settle for the essential, reconnect with nature and share the daily life of a community. This is where adventure takes on its full meaning, in this dimension between travel & sharing !

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