The Tawaya association was founded by the inhabitants of the village of R'bat in order to promote the sustainable socio-economic development of their village located in a more marginal area of ​​the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. These specific objectives are: Support the increase in the quality of village products and services (agricultural, artisanal, tourist) and their marketing; Improve the population's access to public services: water, sanitation, health, school, Improve the management and enhancement of the environment and natural resources, Promote the involvement of young people and women in development.


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The village


R'bat is located in a mountain valley 2000 m above sea level, in the central part of the Moroccan High Atlas. the valley is a grouped habitat of nearly thirty villages. The region is inhabited by Berbers of the Ait Atta tribe, pastors of nomadic origin. The Ait Atta have been settled since the 17th century in the Bougumez valley. They are famous for always being one of the most authentic and traditional tribes of Morocco and this thanks to its inhabitants who knew how to preserve their traditions and their customs. The way of life of the majority of the inhabitants is organized around agro-pastoralism.


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In the Berber village of R'bat, in the heart of the High Atlas mountains, an association was created with the objective of improving the living conditions of the population to stop their exodus and improve their social and economic status. Here, it is the associations that provide the infrastructure necessary for collective life.

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Development projects

To best meet the needs of the inhabitants, the members of the association were interested in the reasons which motivate the villagers to settle in the city. Three main issues emerged from this survey: water, roads and school. Indeed, a few years ago, the village was not connected to the drinking water and sanitation network, the road leading to the village was very difficult to cross and only a few girls went to college. Once the problems were identified, the NGO found solutions, set up projects and sought funds to improve living conditions in R'bat in order to reduce departures to the city and improve the social status of the inhabitants.

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