We booked a 9 day trip with Abdel of OT in october 2019. He was recommended by a friend who had hone with him twice already. The recommandation was duely founded. We had a fantastic experience on our trip. We visited the main cities by ourselves and wanted a true wilderness hike experience. We went through volcanic mountainous regions, camped in the strict middle of nowhere as we wanted. On our trip we were perfectly accompanied by competent guides, mule-riders and a cook. Our sleeping tents and eating area were up when we arrived at each site. The food was absolutely perfect, tasty and fresh. We had an intense trip planned over many parts of maroc and many many kimometers. We were extremely well taken care of. People were friendly and helpful. We met the actual owner and had good talks with the guides. We saw things we never saw before.

All in all we highly recommend this travel compagny. The hikes are the highlight. Do 1 day in fes or marrakesh to see what a medina is, the go straight to the nature. Skip the desert and hike some more. And go hike with OT.

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Pierre Alexandre