morocco trekking

The unique magic of a desert adventure is made even more memorable by the treasures found there.

Desert treks

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mountain trek morocco

There are a million ways to travel, but few resonate like trekking does. Get back to nature, challenge yourself and enter landscapes far beyond our urban environments.

Mountain walking

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We provide a range of guarantees to ensure every part of your family trip runs safely and smoothly, so simply contact our experts, customize your trip, and pack your bags!

Family adventure

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authentic travels

Original Treks will take you on a journey to discover the true soul of Morocco. A journey in which you will experience the local life, make new friends, enjoy the rich culture, art and landscapes, and indulge in the heavenly flavors of Moroccan cuisine.

Local life

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luxury hotel morocco

Do your mind, body, and spirit need attention? Our wellness tours have been handcrafted to offer you unique experiences that take you away from the stresses of everyday life and teach you relaxation.  


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volunteer morocco

People want to make sense of their trip, feel useful and at the same time find their place in this new global world. Whether it is for a few weeks or full months, this help offered is always welcome and often brings us, the traveler, much more than we could have hoped at the beginning. 


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